CNC spot-facing, milling and drilling machines

ZAH 650/680/1300 CNC with a rotating workpiece



The possibilities of workpieces clamping of internal and external clamps or using the chuck.


Tool heads are designed with respect to given technology and customer requirements.



Machining centre with centrally located mandrel for aligning, drilling and turning both ends of the workpiece onto one clamping. The overall concept of the centre is focused on minimum installation dimensions with maximum utilization of workspace. Cast iron structure of the lathe bed, slides, tool heads and headstocks is essential for the overall rigidity of the machine and permanent stability in continuous operation.
The machine is equipped with four slides with axis X1, Z1 and X2, Z2 which are designed using sliding guides. For the ZAH 650 CNC machine the linear guide is used on the longitudinal and transverse supports.
The most important design feature is the design of the central mandrel for which it has been managed to achieve very compact dimensions with hydraulic clamping, with internal additional lubrication using oil mist, and the precise positioning.
This arrangement allows very precise shaft machining with one clamping at both sides.
Machines with this principle of a central mandrel achieve the highest possible accuracy in work centre alignment and (run-out) of the turned surfaces from both sides and it cannot be achieved any other way. Therefore, the above centres are in great demand, especially in the automotive industry for the manufacture of gearbox components and related parts.

Next level of centre is integration of automatic workpiece replacement, eventually merging into multiple production lines using portal loaders or robots.


Technical dataTechnická data
  ZAH 650 / 680 / 1300 CNC  
Operating range
clamping diameter ø 5-65 mm
length of workpiece (140) 180-650 / 680 / 1300 mm
stroke in axis X1, X2 100 / 100 / 150 mm
stroke in axis Z1, Z2 220 / 220 / 450 mm
fast feed in axis X1, X2, Z1, Z2 30 m/min
maximum shutting force in axis X1, X2, Z1, Z2 5 kN
spindle end ties (1) 2x 65/52 hainbuch
maximum rpm 0-4000 1/min
maximum output 9/16 kW
Tool head – servomotor drive
number of positions 2x 4/8/12  
diameter of the clamping pin according to DIN 69880 VDI30 mm
dimension 20x20 (25x25) mm
Tool head – rotation tools
number of positions 2x 8  
diameter of the clamping pin according to DIN 69880 VDI30 mm
rpm range 0-3000 (6000) 1/min
maximum torque 30 Nm
Automatic loading
stock of workpieces - input / output 30/30 pieces
exchange time 10-15 s
maximum length of loading workpiece 600 / 600 / 1300 mm
Standard control system: SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 D-SL